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Camp Kangaroobie

At about 8:30am all of the Year 5/6’s and teachers were on the bus waving goodbye to their families ready for Camp Kangaroobie. Georgia Smith was my partner on the bus and we were both chatting away and taking photos until we came to Colac where we stopped and had recess. This was a nice break after a very long drive.  After we had our recess we got back on the bus and travelled to The Otway Fly. At the Otway Fly we had lunch and a little play in the playground then got ready for the walk. The walk was in the beautiful forest and there were many photo opportunities. During the walk our tour guide told us interesting facts about many of the lovely animals who lived in the forest such as Black snails. One of my favourite things at Otway Fly was the tower which we climbed and it was about 30-40 metres off the ground which gave us a fantastic view of the forest. The walk then came to an end and we were back on the bus heading to Camp Kangaroobie.

It was such a relief arriving at Camp Kangaroobie because it was at least an hour drive from Otway Fly. We got a very warm welcome from Matt who worked at Kangaroobie. Then we grabbed our bags and ran to our cabins to settle in and organise who got which bed. After about 10 minutes we were called back to the hall and listened to Matt explain all the rules at Camp Kangaroobie while we had a yummy hot chocolate. Once Matt had finished talking we had free time! I had a look around Camp Kangaroobie and ran around in the bush with some friends. The whole day went so quickly, it was suddenly our first dinner at camp Kangaroobie which was great.  After dinner we had another hot chocolate and some cake, then it was time for bed.

On Tuesday we woke up and had breakfast, then got ready for our first activity.  My activity was the obstacle course that was so much fun even though we all got muddy and wet.  On the way back to camp it was freezing cold and windy and we were shivering and walking against the wind.  My hands were nearly blue I was so cold, no jokes.

After all the groups had done their first activity we had about a 30 minute break to get ready for our next activity.  During the break I rinsed off in some warm water which was so relaxing. For my group the Shipwreck Sailors we were doing Canoeing next.  At that activity we had two men leading us, one of them came from Scotland.  At one point we were all canoeing and then we all saw bubbles around the Scottish man’s canoe which we were told meant there were baby sharks.  We all rushed towards the sand but then our leader realised that the Scottish man didn’t call, “Shark, shark!” he was actually calling “Park, Park!” – it was hilarious. We played a game called “keyboards” and had some canoeing races which were great fun.

We then had another break and now it was time to play the game survivor in 4 acres of bush. In this game each person was either a herbivore, carnivore or a disease and the teachers were running around with water guns. You run around tagging each other and when you lose all your lives your just dead, it really felt like I was in the Hunger Games.

We then came back to camp and got ready for our last, but my favourite, activity which was the farm work.  At the farm we rode in a cage on the back of Matt’s trailer and he took us to the hay which we got to feed to the cows. Afterwards, on the way to Matt’s house, we saw some kangaroos. We came to Matt’s house and we fed a baby cow some milk and chased sheep and saw two alpacas. We then drove back to camp in the cage.  I was on dinner duty, so I set up dinner and after dinner we all had hot chocolate and cake again then went to bed, just like the night before.

The next day we did three main excursions. The first place we went to was the Twelve Apostles and everyone was getting their cameras out and taking lots of photos.  It was really cool to see.  Our second excursion was going to the Loch Ard Gorge where our bus driver told us a story about some shipwrecked sailors who came to shore but died right where we were standing. Then we stopped at a really great park and had some lunch. At the park there was a giant flying fox which was so much fun. We then got back in the bus and headed towards the Maritme Museum which was just 2 minutes over the road. At the Maritime museum there was a little town set up just like it would have been 100 years ago.  There, at the olden day school, we dressed up and acted as if we were school children back then. We also ran around the town in groups finding answers to questions by looking around the town. In my group there was Brooke, Georgia S, Georgia Mc and myself.  When we had finished there, our bus drivers had set up some morning tea which we had and then started to head home. Then we finally arrived home and my group set up dinner and served it again.  After dinner, we had our supper again the hot chocolate and cake then brushed our teeth and went to bed.

On Thursday we woke up and had breakfast at 8:00am and then around 9.30am left to go to the beach which was about 5km away. We finally arrived at the beach all tired because of the long walk. At the beach Georgia S, Brooke, Ruby and I built a snowman out of sand and I loved it. We then had some lunch and cordial. Then everyone played keepings off boys vs. girls.  During the game, I slid down some sand dunes with some of the girls. We all then got into our activity groups and of course I was in the Shipwreck Sailors still. The teachers had buried minties in the sand and each group had their own square and each square of sand had 20-22 minties buried.  We played a game where the group who got all their minties out of the sand the fastest got an extra prize.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get that extra prize. It was now about 4:30-5:00 so we headed back to Camp Kangaroobie and had the Formal dinner.  I went with Hayley and Morris, then we watched a movie called a ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’. Halfway along we stopped the movie and had some popcorn.  After the short break we then went back to watch the movie but by now I was so tired I fell asleep. Then I woke to the sound of “Liv, Liv” and it was Hayley waking me up.  The movie had finished and I was the only one on the floor in my sleeping bag and everyone else was lining up for their hot chocolate.  It was so funny. We then had supper and we also wrote in our diaries about what we had done that day. Then it was lights out.

On Friday, I woke up and was very sad that we were leaving but I was also sort of excited to come back home and see my family. We all then got changed and had breakfast. Then we packed and said our farewells to all the fantastic staff at Camp Kangaroobie. We then said goodbye to camp Kangaroobie and packed the bus and got back in the bus for the last time.  The drive home took about 3 hours with only one stop for lunch. We arrived back to school at 3:30pm and I spotted my Dad and ran right to him and gave him a big hug. Camp Kangaroobie was so much fun and I cannot wait until my camp next year.

By Olivia Mahoney


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